"Good design is good business"

THOMAS WATSON JR   Chairman IBM 1952 - 1971


10 Grosvenor Street, London W1 CLIENT Grosvenor

A mark of distinction


A hallmark guarantees integrity, making it the perfect symbol for 10 Grosvenor Street.

The logo represents the development, the developers and the delivery date.
Ten Grosvenor Street (X)
the developers; Hammerson (H)
and Grosvenor (company logo)
delivery date (2004).

In fact, we wanted to use a panther head - the hallmark of London - but the Assay Office had other ideas.

The business address


To promote the property's prestigious location, we created a brochure of double page spreads, revealing the leading brands situated close by.







A ticking watch...


As well as the watch face, a sliding ruler was used to convey the travel time to the property and the extensive floor areas. This was just a part of Ten Grosvenor Street's impressive website and interactive profile.

Beyond measure


The marketing material for 10 Grosvenor Street took 'quality' as a proposition, so we stamped the Grosvenor identity on a solid silver ruler and distributed it to agents, inviting them to the building's January launch.