"Good design is good business"

THOMAS WATSON JR   Chairman IBM 1952 - 1971


Brand marks


The Duke of Westminster’s international property company.
This design reflects the company’s commitment to invest, develop and manage. Practising the art of land management for over 300 years, the mark illustrates the longevity of the business using the ears of corn from the family crest.

CLIENT:   Grosvenor

Mayfair Place


Founded in 1981, Argent is developing over eight million square feet at King’s Cross in central London. This is the largest urban regeneration project in Europe since WWII and we were proud to create Argent's brand mark.

CLIENT:   Argent Group plc

Mayfair Place


The world’s largest independent software supplier to the derivatives analytics market.

CLIENT:   Monis Software

Mayfair Place

Sound Experience

Advice, sound systems and sound installation

CLIENT:   Sound Experience

Mayfair Place

Baigrie Davies

When we empty our pockets and stack up little piles of coins, do we think how our money could be made to grow? Baigrie Davies do and this mark demonstrates their skill with their clients' cash.

CLIENT:   Baigrie Davies Financial Planning

Mayfair Place

Office of The Rail Regulator

…it’s official.

CLIENT:   Office of The Rail Regulator

Mayfair Place


Producing movies

CLIENT:   Dogstar Film Production

Mayfair Place

Racing World

See how it runs...
marketing bloodstock on film

CLIENT:   Racing World

Mayfair Place

Sofas & Stuff

This company was founded by Andrew Cussins - the name behind Sofa Workshop. Design, style, quality and affordability are the watchwords here and our feather device represents all four qualities simply and memorably.

CLIENT:   Sofas & Stuff

Mayfair Place

Grosvenor Garden Centre

Established 38 years ago the Grosvenor Garden Centre is the only garden centre in the UK to achieve the prestigious Garden Centre of Excellence Award for 12 consecutive years.

CLIENT:   Grosvenor Garden Centre

Grosvenor Garden Centre