"Good design is good business"

THOMAS WATSON JR   Chairman IBM 1952 - 1971


Doherty Baines

No gain without pain


In the right place at the right time, direct mail can be wonderfully effective.

So when chartered surveyors, Doherty Baines, decided to reach out to their immediate locality, we knew how to make it work. The concept, a pill box containing M&M’s, a letter and ‘drug’ information, was hand delivered in a paper prescription bag.


38 Jermyn Street

Done and dusted


Re-painted and re-furbished, clean and available - 38 Jermyn Street W1 effectively marketed.


Reach for the sky

An invitation

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our agency clients to view their properties from the sky, aboard a Zeppelin balloon over London.


30 St Mary Axe CLIENT Swiss Re

Squaring the Circle


Column free, rectangular or square office space is the ideal – both floorplate efficiency and rental income are optimized to the full.

So, when a building is round, how can it provide effective and efficient floor space? Looks can be deceiving! 30 St Mary Axe has rectangular floorplates – all round.