"Good design is good business"

THOMAS WATSON JR   Chairman IBM 1952 - 1971




The Art of Recycling


A true brand is a living thing. It requires nurturing or over time it will die. When it comes to property companies few can demonstrate such longevity as Grosvenor – the Duke of Westminster’s property company.

The company has over 50 years of property experience around the globe, and some 300 years in Central London. Grosvenor is a true practitioner in the ‘art of recycling’ – the art of estate management.

Grosvenor’s brand identity, circling ears of corn, represents the ‘rule of three.’
To invest, to develop and to manage are the main drivers behind Grosvenor’s business. Residential, retail and commercial; the markets in which it operates. Europe, Asia Pacific and North America; its global reach.

Why ears of corn? A wheat sheaf has been part of the Grosvenor family coat of arms for 1000 years.

Walk on


For anyone seeking an escape from the crowd and pace of the West End, the Mayfair and Belgravia Estate walking guides offer an inspiring way to discover the district's fascinating history.

A philosophy of partnership


As an independent company, Grosvenor determines its own strategy, free from the constraints of short-term, shareholder driven requirements.

Through a philosophy of co-operation with like-minded partners it is able to maximise investments and seek new opportunities around the globe.