63 Brook Street


GE Real Estate and Grafton Advisors LLP

A stunning but discreet redevelopment behind a retained façade opposite Claridge’s Hotel in Mayfair.

The property is in the heart of London clubland, an area steeped in tradition and legend.

So the brochure and website explored not only the development itself but also little known nuggets mined from anecdotes about its immediate surroundings.

Such as the fact that Brook Street takes its name from Tyburn Brook, one of London’s five hidden rivers. It is, however, not entirely concealed. In Gray’s Antique Market, a minute from 63 Brook Street, close to Bond Street station, its clean-running water can be seen in the basement, where it is home to resident goldfish.

Or, a few doors away at 69 Brook Street is the Portland Club and the Savile Club. The former is responsible for setting the rules for Bridge around the world. The latter’s prestigious alumni include some of English literature’s finest names, from Thomas Hardy and H.G.Wells, to Rudyard Kipling and Robert Louis Stevenson.