Canary Wharf Evolution


Canary Wharf Group

Canary Wharf is renowned worldwide as Europe’s premier financial and business district and it is already a brand – a world brand. It is, however, expanding and evolving from a unique office, retail and leisure environment into a unique working and living destination.

With the planned arrival of some 4.6 million sq ft of offices, shops, and leisure facilities, the working population will double. Meanwhile, construction is due to start on around 2.4 million sq ft of homes. Canary Wharf has already knocked London on its axis, leading a business exodus East from old London. Now it’s happening again. The size, scale and sheer quality of this activity means Canary Wharf is about to become a significant residential address, easily the equal of London’s most exclusive enclaves. That means there is a new and exciting Canary Wharf story to tell.

Our role is to create awareness of this evolution – from a financial and business centre to an all-embracing mixed-use district. Our aim is to challenge and transform perceptions of Canary Wharf as simply a business destination on both a local and international level. Our starting point in the process? To create an instantly recognisable brand mark projecting the values and inherent qualities of both the corporate entity and all of its sub-brands.

Taking its visual cue from Canary Wharf’s iconic One Canada Square tower, a single mark with a single typestyle unites the estate with all its different functions. Carefully crafted, bold and simple, a symbol of elegance and excellence – values that run deep in the Canary Wharf brand.

Canary Wharf, The Great Estate.
Giving the brands living within Canary Wharf a voice to tell the story – the story of a truly great estate.