The following pages showcase work inspired by the spirit of the holiday season and our desire to offer greetings and best wishes to the clients and colleagues we have grown close to over the years.

A little ho ho from Soho.

Christmas 1994

No Time like the present.
The opportunity to ‘make time’ for Christmas.

Christmas 1997


We let the new Millennium start with a bang.

Christmas 1999

Your place in space.
On Tuesday 6th, November, 2001, to mark our tenth year anniversary we purchased 100 acres of out of town real estate.

So that our clients could share in the celebrations we put all their names in a hat for a chance to win an acre for themselves.

Via email we gave them two times when they could view their acre… weather permitting!

One person responded saying that regretfully he would not be available for a viewing but could his wife stand in for him. She could bring her passport as proof of identity if required! Hopefully they were ‘over the moon’ and not disappointed when they received their acre.

Christmas 2001

No two snowflakes are the same.
Not so much the story of Christmas but a little book of Christmas trivia.

Christmas 2007

Whitespace – the essence of a white Christmas. Designers are happy to play with it, clients unhappy to pay for it – a book full of it!

One recipient saved it to read on holiday!

Christmas 2009

The art of disectology.
A puzzle as pure as the driven snow or as dark as a winter’s night on the reverse.

Christmas 2012

Looks like rain dear.
A Christmas classic in a book. Make your own Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet Cupid, Donner or Blitzen – a novel ideer.

Christmas 2013

Cocoa Brassica.
Sprouts may not be to everyone’s liking – but the chocolate variety were found to be so.

Christmas 2014