Princes House


Aviva Investors

In 1863, Princes House on Piccadilly, designed by E R Robson, became the home of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, the shop window for the likes of William Blake, David Cox and Peter de Wint to name but a few. In 1988 it became the home to ‘and the winner is’– BAFTA, The British Academy of Film and Television.

In the basement – one of the world’s most exclusive private members clubs – Johnny Golds’ Tramp. Often frequented by the likes of Sinatra and Sellers, Caine and Collins – both Joan and Jackie, in the seventies it provided the inspiration for the latters novel and subsequent film The Stud. Its where Keith Moon reputedly danced naked, Shirley MacLaine fell asleep on a table overnight and Mel Brooks ran around on all fours barking like a dog.

It also houses a casino and an exclusive shopping arcade – The Princes Arcade.

In 2012 Princes House offered itself as a significant investment opportunity with, understandably, a most illustrious past.