Ten Grosvenor Street


Grosvenor & Hammerson

To emphasise Grosvenor Street as a business location spreads of the precompletion brochure, web pages and an interactive presentation were given over to some of the world’s leading brands, which all had their offices within the immediate area.

On the website and within the interactive presentation, certain pages became simple and inviting animations: a ticking watch for travel times, a sliding rule for the buildings’ floor areas.

Quality assurance.
Hallmarks are coded symbols of precious, guaranteed quality. Ten Grosvenor Street was a joint development between Grosvenor and Hammerson delivering in 2004 grade A office space at the heart of Mayfair. X – of course – is for 10, H for Hammerson, and the ears of wheat, Grosvenor’s logo. Our first design included a panther’s head, the assayer’s mark for ‘of London origin.’ This was, however, too close for comfort for the Assay Office at the Goldsmiths’ Company – where hallmarks have been regulated since 1300 – who vetoed the panther. Well, at least our work made its mark.

As a rule…
…nothing ever happens in January so an invitation to the launch of Ten Grosvenor Street complete with it’s own hallmarked silvered rule came as the perfect antidote to the winter blues.