Senior Designer: A different kind of building.

We’re Sutton Young: a twenty-seven-year-old design consultancy in Marylebone with big ambitions. We have grown slowly and thoughtfully with designers, artists and suppliers who share our work ethic. Our principal focus is the branding, storytelling and presentation of buildings, developments and districts. With a history of success, we remain independent, collaborative and proud of our powerfully enduring client relationships.

We’re looking for a remarkable individual.

They will be a bit of a superstar, a problem-solver adept at creating and visualising distinct answers to tricky briefs. They will produce their own design work on budget, on time and in full. They’ll be a self-starter who knows how to finish a job. They will adapt readily to working with – and supporting – a team structure. They will be the kind of person who inspires others.

They won’t be the type who sucks the oxygen out of the room. We are not looking for egotists. Emotional, as well as applied, intelligence is a necessity.

If this individual was you, critically, you’d find yourself taking part in important client meetings and presentations. It would mean you’re a clear spoken communicator, as well as a visual one.

Obviously, then, you’d have an agile, restless mind. You’d find yourself working across identity, print, websites and social media, events, hoardings, exhibitions and conferences. You’d enjoy the variety. Photoshop, Indesign and the broader Adobe Creative Suite would be second nature.

Of course, when searching out somebody unique, there are lots of ‘they’ and only one of ‘you’.

Please drop us a line telling us why you are one for this role, what you’d bring to it and what you’d like to be paid. Don’t go on about it for too long. (We’d love to see your best work to date as well.) email us at:

If what you say chimes with us, we’ll meet up to see if we can build a brilliant future for Sutton Young together.