"Good design is good business"

THOMAS WATSON JR   Chairman IBM 1952 - 1971


Sofas & Stuff


"If you want a design agency that truly cares, that spends your money as if it
was their own and which comes up with great ideas, then Sutton Young is the agency for you."

ANDREW CUSSINS, Founder & Managing Director SOFAS & STUFF

Experts in comfort


Sofas and Stuff is the brainchild of Andrew Cussins - the man whose mission to banish the three piece suite began 30 years ago with Sofa Workshop.

Sofas and Stuff delivers British-made, upholstered sofas, chairs and beds via the internet. With an unwavering belief in design style, quality and affordability, Sofas & Stuff are quite simply the experts in comfort.



...pages of comfort.



Bringing a carnival of shapes and sizes, traditional and modern styles and a limitless choice of fabrics - the Sofas & Stuff website provides the best of British comfort.


Sofas & Stuff invite their customers to visit, look around, enjoy a coffee and - of course - take a seat. Away from the hassle of the high street, the company has several ‘barn showrooms’ dotted around the country. They really are the ideal destinations for a great day out, with or without the family.