1992 was a very good year… Bill Clinton won the US Presidential election, Nelson Mandela and FW De Klerk shared the Nobel peace prize and North Korea permitted the first ever inspections of its nuclear power plants.

So much has happened – and continues to happen – since. Nothing stays the same. Change, we all know, is the one constant. To survive it requires fluidity, flexibility and, most importantly of all, family. There are, of course, two types of family. The ones we were born into and those we grow into. Our Sutton Young family has emerged from two recessions and a boom with the same, talented team we started with. Our earliest member of staff joined us in our first week, our most recent only days ago.

More than brand equity, more than customer recognition, we are a family and that makes for longer-living relationships and longer-living people. Overstatement? We don’t think so. The World Health Organisation shares our view that family businesses are healthy businesses and are an important part of public well-being. Lower staff turnover brings greater customer recognition, a sure way of making happier people who enjoy life for longer.

At Sutton Young, it’s never just business because our approach is always personal. Clients become friends; the people we work with become friends. We become links in all their stories, stretching back to 1992 and reaching far into the future. Our best new business drivers are the people who know and love us.

All our clients have stories to tell, whether of their past, their present or, especially, their future. The ways their beliefs, products and principles reach out to touch the world around them. Story telling is as old as humankind. At Sutton Young, our role is simply to peel back the wrappings, and reveal the truth of those stories to the world. We use superbly crafted designs, woven through with carefully weighed words that bind and reflect their message.

Everything we do begins with discovery and understanding, which gives our creativity meaning and our work a permanent relevance. Distilled in this website is a visual celebration of the stories we have told so far for our clients in our first quarter century.